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Imagine-Life's mission is to educate the American public about underrepresented human rights violations, through various media outlets, raising awareness in order to:

  • Advocate for the rights of people in need;
  • Alleviate human suffering;
  • Empower communities;
  • Ensure American policies reflect American values, and;
  • Create environments where peace can prosper.

Imagine-Life supports the principles espoused in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognizes their importance in efforts to resolve conflict and cease human rights abuses.


Imagine-Life works toward a vision in which people of all races, creeds and ethnicities co-exist in an atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation, and understanding.


Collectively, the group felt that unbalanced and often distorted U.S. media coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict did not address the underlying human rights catastrophe. It was concluded that a comprehensive, media-focused educational campaign was necessary to educate the public on underrepresented human rights violations at large.

On April 19th, 2004 less than 3 months after the initial meeting Imagine-Life launched its first educational media campaign, which focuses on the current conflict found in the Holy Land. Becoming the first non-profit organization exclusively utilizing major U.S. media outlets to educate and empower communities about underrepresented human rights violations. Planting today's seeds of hope for a better tomorrow.


Since the Imagine-Life launch on April 19th, 2004, we have embarked on our first campaign, which has aired over 12,000 Public Service Announcements (PSAs), during primetime hours, in over 110 cities, presenting millions of individuals with the opportunity to imagine life without basic human rights. In addition, Imagine-Life has been honored with, and accomplished the following:

  • American University 's Peace and Conflict Resolution Institute Peace Maker Award;
  • Jewish Voice for Peace Olive Branch Award
  • First ever organization to raise awareness and educate through various media outlets;
  • An office located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., just blocks away from the Capitol building (donated to Imagine-Life by an area real estate company);
  • Currently airing PSA's in parts of the Northeast and the West coast, and looking to include New York, Chicago, and Houston in the very near future;
  • We are currently expanding our several weekly television show contracts with public access television stations to air our producers' documentaries and other productions;
  • Imagine-Life has produced professional grade Public Service Announcements worth over $900,000 U.S. dollars at absolutely no cost! In addition, we have several more pro-bono productions in the pipeline;
  • Featured 3 article-ads in the US News & World Report;
  • Received extensive market research on the most effective and strategic methods at no cost;
  • Imagine-Life successfully negotiated airing rates 75% below market value with several national cable companies;
  • Monthly events have drawn attendance in excess of 2500 participants;
  • A video message of support from Emmy-nominated actor, and human rights activist Danny Glover to our first annual Gala audience, which was completely SOLD OUT with over 600 guests in attendance;
  • Imagine-Life has received extensive domestic and international media attention, including coverage in: the Boston Globe, Voice of America, Washington Report, Northern Virginia Times, Haret'z, Daily Star, Al-Arabiya, MBC, Al-Hurra, ART, Jewish Forward, and Al Hewar;
  • Imagine-Life has received endorsements from prominent government officials, including cabinet-level Secretaries, Ambassadors, Senators, and Congressmen.